Real happiness is being a free spirit. Drugs only create the illusion.
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    About This Site

    The aim of the song is to unite us all in a positive and creative way to make our world drug free.

    We encourage young people from all over the world to communicate and share the challenge.

    Download the music video and the lyrics, and join us!

    Information for Kids

  • Join with your friends and other children around the world.
  • Sing the song in your own special way.
  • Promote your school or community choir singing the song by contacting your local radio and TV stations. Ask them to play your video.
  • Information for Parents

    Bring your children up in a Drug Free World. By helping your children and their school participate in the singing of this song, we can increase awareness among our children and within the community. Help us make a difference. Your children deserve a drug free world.
    Contact E M Guy about A Drug Free World

    Contact the Webmaster about the site